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Clients: What Should You Expect from Your Beauty/Barber Professional After the Coronavirus?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Your roots are gray. Your nails are ripped and torn. You desperately need a haircut, and you almost need a full body wax by now…. You are ready for your next service with your Beauty/Barber Professional and your Professional is ready to serve you. This pandemic has totally wreaked havoc on your personal appearance.

You know there is no such thing as social distancing with personal care services, and you are concerned about your health and safety and rightfully so. However, there is good news. LICENSED Beauty and Barber Professionals are trained to keep you safe. They have been trained in health, safety, sanitation and infection control. They know how to properly clean and disinfect to ensure they are not harming you or harming themselves. They have been trained for such a time as this.

So, what should you expect from your Beauty/Barber Professional after the Coronavirus? You should expect to be safe and here is how you can hold them accountable for doing it:

· Click Here and Share this Guide with your Beauty/Barber Professional. This guide offers NEW practices and NEW protocols that Professionals should adopt to keep you safe.

· Click Here and Keep this Checklist in Mind when you visit your Beauty/Barber Professional. They are responsible for your health and safety.

· And Call this Toll-Free Number if you don’t feel safe, been injured or experienced any adverse health effects or reactions from receiving a service. (We are NOT attorneys.) We are Beauty and Barber Professionals committed to assisting our fellow Professionals with practicing proper health and safety.

The number one job and the number one priority of Beauty and Barber Professionals is to keep you safe and they are trained and LICENSED to do it….

Looking for a Professional committed to your health and safety? Click Here

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