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5 Tips to Beware at the Beauty Salon or Barbershop

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, haircuts and hair coloring, eyelash extensions, brow services, the list goes on and on. There are many people and many businesses today who are passing themselves off as "professionals" and clients don't know the difference.  Most clients don't know what to expect when most salons and barbershops look, smell and feel the same. However, before you get your next beauty or barber services, be cautious.  Here are 5 tips to beware before you allow anyone to touch you.

1)  Make sure the Professional is Licensed...  Licensing is #1 before you allow anyone to provide any personal care services.  Licensing from the state in which the services are being rendered is the only assurance that the professional has been properly trained to keep you safe.  If you don't see a state license and a picture identification, do not receive any services.  

2)  Make sure you see a Continuing Education Certificate...  Most beauty and barber students receive basic level education when they attend beauty and barber school.  Some licensed professionals may complete apprenticeships.  This basic level education, however acceptable, is not enough education to protect you from the health and safety concerns that plague the beauty and barber industry.  Professionals who are committed to continuing education, beyond learning a new skill, are more likely to practice better health and safety standards and keep you safe.

3)  Make sure your professional is Practicing Proper Sanitation... Is the professional washing his/her hands before each client?  Is the professional using clean implements when they provide services? Are they cleaning their work area/station after each use?  Proper sanitation keeps you safe from harmful or even deadly diseases.

4)  The salon/barbershop should be Clean, Clean, Clean.... Are the doors and windows clean?  Is there dust, junk and/or debris anywhere?  Are the floors and the bathroom clean?  There is never an excuse for a salon or barbershop not to be neat and clean.  This says everything about being a "professional".

5)  Great Customer Service is King... Is the professional late for your appointment?  Is the professional using their cell phone while providing your service?  Giving great customer service is not an option.  As a client, you are paying for professionals to take care of you and you deserve the best.

If you are looking to have services by a Beauty and Barber Professional committed to your health and safety and a Member of The Concerned Beauty and Barber Professionals, click here...

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