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Why Should You Become a

Member-Advocate / Student-Advocate?

Becoming a MEMBER demonstrates your commitment to continual education in health and safety to protect yourself and the clients you serve.
Becoming an ADVOCATE demonstrates your commitment to strengthening the profession and the professional license.
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Member-Advocate Membership
(For Licensed Professional):
Student-Advocate Membership
(For Enrolled Students / Apprentice)



  • Receive up to 8-hours of personal and/or professional Mediation Services to settle a case or handle a dispute. 

  • Receive up to 8-hours of continuing education credits in health and safety for your participation in Monday School. Continuing Education Certificates are mailed in May and December and can be used in some states for license renewal.  (Check your state for verification.)

  • Receive an Official Signature Smock or Vest AND an Official Station Decal.


$199.00 (Annual)

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  • Participate with Member Advocates in Monday School. 

  • Receive an Official Student Membership Certificate from The Concerned Beauty and Barber Professionals and Politics Beauty and Barber.

  • Receive an Official Politics Beauty and Barber Signature T-Shirt.


$99.00 (Annual)

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