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Why the need for the
Sustainability Model?

The Beauty and Barber Industry has morphed into something barely recognizable by those who remember what is was.  The industry is drowning in a sea of deregulation initiatives and many of those who provide Beauty and Barber services can't even be called "Professionals".

There is a new landscape that must be navigated but this new landscape must be navigated by those who know, understand and respect the industry.  Only those "Professionals" can lead the way. 

Education in the Beauty and Barber industry is continual.  "Professionals" must never stop learning and in this changed landscape, Health and Safety must be on the forefront.     

What is the
Sustainability Model?

The Sustainability Model is a Train-The-Trainer continuing education in Health and Safety offering:

  • Online and Onsite      

How does the Sustainability Model work?
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