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Phone:  (678) 390-0803

Health and Safety Hotline:  (844) 472-3322

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 Alliance Ceremony with The Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration and Georgia Institute of Technology

In 2011, after years of unsuccessfully searching for education beyond what she learned to obtain her professional license, Tamara Johnson Shealey, founded The Concerned Beauty and Barber Professionals (TheCBBP) and Politics Beauty and Barber (PBB).


In the first 7 years, TheCBBP and PBB worked as a 2-1, nationwide organization for Licensed Beauty and Barber Professionals offering continuing education in Health and Safety and advocating to strengthen the professional license. 


In 2014, TheCBBP formed a Federal Alliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) to address Health and Safety issues.  TheCBBP also became affiliated with various organizations and made available the most advanced, up-to-date continuing education to Licensed Beauty and Barber Professionals. 

Today, as the beauty and barber industry is more at risk of being deregulated, TheCBBP has concentrated its efforts on working with Licensed Beauty and Barber Professionals to conduct scientific research, collect data and educate and train other professionals in higher health and safety standards.

OSHA Youth Alliance, Jan 2013